Dentist Dordrecht

Have you just moved to Dordrecht or are you simply looking for a new dentist? The doors of dentist Dordrecht are always wide open for you. At our dentist in Dordrecht, you do not have to deal with long waiting lists, but you can register quick and easy. The Dordrecht dentist is available for your entire family, even in the evenings and in the weekends. With our broad opening hours, experienced dentists and specialists and our top-quality materials, you can be sure that you are in the right place. The atmosphere in our Dordrecht dental practice is always welcoming due to our friendly staff and comfortable waiting area. We will always make time for you to guide you to one of our three modern treatment rooms.


A welcoming atmosphere at the Dordrecht dentist


At our Dordrecht dental practice, we are happy to do everything we can to help you as good as possible. We are therefore committed to providing the best dental care in Dordrecht. For this reason, you can expect a hospitable welcome once you take a seat in our comfortable waiting area. At Dordrecht dentist we are always up for a chat and we will always try to make time for you. After this warm welcome we will take you to one of our three modern treatment rooms. In these treatment rooms we only work with the best products and materials for your teeth. With our dentist Dordrecht you will receive qualitative and personal help. Our specialized employees are extremely experienced in the field of oral care. At the dentist Dordrecht, you will only be treated by fully qualified employees. Our employees know everything about the newest technology in the field of dental care. They regularly follow refreshment courses so that they can provide you with the best care.

A wide range of treatments

Dentist Dordrecht offers a wide range of behandelingen. First of all, you can come to us for general dentistry. So our Dordrecht dental practice is definitely the right place for your six-monthly check-up, for example. We offer our general dentistry to the whole family, so our services also include paediatric dentistry. You can also pay our Dordrecht dental practice a visit when you have certain questions or issues regarding your oral hygiene. Please also contact us if you would like to have an oral hygiene treatment or a preventive treatment to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. In addition to the more general dentistry, we also have different kinds of specializations. These include treatments such as placing implants, CEREC crowns or a root canal treatment for example. Whatever issues you may have with your teeth, our staff at the Dordrecht dental practice will do everything they can to help you in a quick and targeted manner.

Appropriate help for fear of the dentist

An extra special expertise of our Dordrecht dentist is that they can provide appropriate help regarding fear of the dentist. Many people have a fear of the dentist. In the Netherlands even 40% of the people is afraid of the dentist. Not going to the dentist is unfortunately not a wise choice. In fact, if you never go to the dentist, there is a very good chance that your teeth will fall into a state of decay. A visit to the Dordrecht dentist is therefore necessary to properly care for and protect your teeth. At our Dordrecht dentist we have special fear dentists who have a personal and goal-oriented approach. The Dordrecht dentist will ensure you that you can overcome your fear, at your own pace.

Positive reviews for our dental practice

In recent years, Mondzorg Dordrecht has built up a great reputation. Thanks to our personal approach and our wide range of treatment, we have already been able to bring a big smile to countless clients. Take a look at zorgkaart Nederland for the extremely positive reviews about our Dordrecht dental practice. Because of our wide range of services and many areas of expertise, we can offer appropriate help for everyone. Our flexible opening hours ensure that working people do not need to request extra time off during office hours. In addition, we have a very broad clientele thanks to our paediatric dentist and our fear dentist. Everyone is very welcome with us. So don’t hesitate any longer and contact our Dordrecht dentist quickly!